Downeast Fisheries Trail

The Downeast Fisheries Trail has a new website!  Check it out for description of of the 45 sites on the Trail, events, activities, fantastic historical images, and much more.   Downeast Fisheries Trail also has a Facebook page.

What is the Downeast Fisheries Trail?
The Downeast Fisheries Trail is an educational trail that showcases active and historic fisheries heritage sites, such as fish hatcheries, aquaculture facilities, fishing harbors, clam flats, processing plants and other related public places in an effort to educate residents and visitors about the importance of the region’s maritime heritage and the role of marine resources to the area’s economy. The Trail builds on these local resources to strengthen community life and the experience of visitors.

Recreational Island Monitoring

As interest in recreational opportunities on Maine's public and private islands continues to grow, recreation management will increasingly depend on science-based information about the relationship between island use and island conditions. Natalie coordinates the new multi-organization island monitoring task force, whose goal is to develop science-based island monitoring methods that will help managers and island owners achieve their island management objectives.