The Maine Ten: Useful species grown or harvested in Maine

photo of bladderwrackphoto of irish mossskinny kelpphoto of hanging sugar kelpwild porphyra seaweed on rock at low tide






The Maine ten is a list of seaweed species that are currently wild harvested or cultivated in Maine. All of these “top ten” species can be used as food, but the main sea vegetables that are currently harvested or grown for sale are the kelps (Saccharina, Laminaria, and Alaria), the reds (Palmaria, Porphyra and Chondrus), and the green (Ulva). The Fucus species are typically dried for use in nutritional supplements or skin care products. Rockweed (Ascophyllum) is harvested for supplements, soil amendments, animal feeds, and organic fertilizers. 

Table of latin names for seaweed