Shellfish Marketing Workshop

 In April of 2010, over 50 shellfish growers, seafood buyers, scientists and others gathered at the Univ. of Southern Maine in Portland, to discuss Marketing of Cultured Shellfish. Funding came principally through the Northeast Regional Aquaculture Center, with partners throughout the region.  We heard an array of great presentations, from producers to shippers, wholesalers and restaurants, and the all the information is available through the links below.  We hope that these resources will be helpful to your business, job or personal interest.  Click on these links for the downloadable documents:

  • The Agenda for the workshop
  • The Attendees, including speakers:
  • A story on the workshop that appeared in Aquaculture North America
  • Notes from the presentations and discussions
  • References for further reading, many available as PDF upon request

Some of the presentations were captured as PDFs, below

For more information on this program, contact Dana Morse: 207.563.3146