Shellfish Upweller Page

The following links and documents are intended to be resources for shellfish growers and others, relative to upwellers. There is still a lot of innovation in the field, and new ideas coming along for techniques, materials, operations, siting and construction. If there is something you'd like to pass along - a photo, document or helpful tip, feel free to get in touch. Email is probably best; just be aware that we'll do some review, to make sure material is okay for public distribution. For now, happy browsing - hope you find something useful.

Upweller Update 2013: Constructing a Drum Upweller

A very useful video from Louisiana Sea Grant colleague Dr. John Supan - how to build upweller silos from 55-gallon barrels. These are appropriate for land-based and FLUPSY systems alike and a neat trick to convert them to use for hatchery-size seed as well.

Upweller Update 2010

In March, we had visits from Dale Leavitt (Roger Williams University) and Gef Flimlin (Rutgers Cooperative Extension). Both of these rascals have collected a lot of information on upwellers, and done research on materials and performance, so it was great that they came up to share some of their experiences.  Their presentations are available in PDF format.

Ray RaLonde, at the AK Sea Grant Program, working with growers in the SE AK region, developed a paddlewheel design, and produced a detailed book about the project. With thanks to Ray and the others involved, click here for the Kachemak Bay Paddlewheel Upweller.

John Riley and I worked on a project to better understand the physical forces acting on flow through a tidal upweller, and on modifications to improve flow. Click here for the Riley and Morse report on tidal upweller design.

Back in 1995, when powered upwellers were just coming on the scene, Gregg Rivara, Kim Tetreault and Mike Patricio at Cornell Cooperative Extension put together a really nice design using inexpensive plastic barrels, and a great document to describe it in detail. Click here for the Rivara et al axial flow upweller.