Oyster Deals Around Maine this Season

Submitted by Catherine Schmitt on Fri, 12/15/2017 - 16:37

oysters arranged on a bed of ice with a candle burning behind
Oysters are rich in zinc.

It’s cold outside and daylight continues to dwindle, but December is also a time of heightened activity with pre-holiday preparations and travel. There are plenty of opportunities to affordably indulge in oysters all along the Oyster Trail, as well as some deals for purchasing oysters for serving at home. Remember, oysters are a good source of protein and immune-supporting zinc—in case you needed another excuse.

Dollar oyster days and nights

Happy hour deals

Holiday season specials

Portland: The Shop, 100 Mookie Blues oysters with an oyster knife for $100 through December 23. walk-in, call 207-699-4466 or email kit@islandcreekoysters.com to place orders for pick-up.

Bar Harbor: Bar Harbor Oyster Company, $15/dozen.

Many farms harvest through at least December – check with your local oyster farmer to see if any deals are available!

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