This Guide was created by Maine Sea Grant to help coastal property owners and municipal officials identify features and different types of hazards on the Maine coast, and evaluate potential responses and actions. This guide is an outcome of the project, Coastal Community Resilience: Developing and Testing a Model of State-based Outreach.

Project Leaders: Kristen Grant and Esperanza Stancioff, Maine Sea Grant and UMaine Cooperative Extension

Written by: Peter Slovinsky, Maine Geological Survey  Click here for a PDF version of the original document.
Edited and converted for the web by: Catherine Schmitt, Maine Sea Grant
Web design and development: Jenny Peters, Maine Sea Grant
Graphic artist: Kathlyn Tenga-Gonzalez, Maine Sea Grant

Advisory Committee:
Dee Brown, Maine property owner
Phil Carey, Maine State Planning Office
Stephen Dickson, Maine Geological Survey
Andrew Fisk, Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Robert Hamblen, City of Saco Planning Department
Jonathan T. Lockman, Southern Maine Regional Planning Commission

Questions and comments may be submitted to erosionguide@seagrant.umaine.edu.

Please note that this website should be used for general guidance purposes only to help understand coastal features and their associated hazards. Although this guide covers features and hazards found on a great portion of the Maine coast, it is not meant to identify all existing hazards along the Maine coastline, nor is it intended to be the sole basis upon which specific land-use decisions are made by coastal property owners.

For an evaluation of specific coastline features, hazard risks or historical trends, certified geologists or geotechnical engineers should conduct site-specific studies. NOAA, Maine Sea Grant, the Department of Conservation, the Maine Coastal Program, the University of Maine, and their employees or agents: (1) make no warranty, either expressed or implied for merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, as to the accuracy or reliability of the information included herein; nor are they (2) liable for any damages, including consequential damages, from using this Guide or the inability to use this Guide.