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Species Description
Acadian redfish Sebastes fasciatus
also known as ocean perch


Acadian redfish or ocean perch is a slow-growing, long-lived deepwater fish of rocky, mud, or clay bottom habitats, although they move closer to shore in winter. They range from Iceland to the mid-Atlantic and are common in deep waters of the Gulf of Maine.

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Status (see the About page for definitions)
Redfish are not overfished nor is overfishing occuring. Estimates of redfish abundance have been increasing in recent years, and the stock was declared rebuilt in 2012.
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Regulatory Authority
Redfish are part of the New England Fishery Management Council’s Northeast Multispecies (groundfish) Management Plan.
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Harvest Method
Otter trawl.
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Recreational Harvest
There is a minimum size of nine inches but no daily limit.
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Health Benefits & Risks
Sebastus species are low in fat and calories, and low in omega-3 fatty acids. Redfish are relatively low in mercury.
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Buying & Preparing
Redfish is a firm, white-fleshed fish that requires careful handling, because it tends to spoil more quickly than other fish. Can be substituted for haddock and similar fish.
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Companies, Brands, and Labels
Port Clyde Fresh Catch
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Certifications & Verifications
Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested
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NOAA Fishwatch
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Featured Harvester
Terry Alexander, Harpswell, ME
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species description | season | status | harvest method | recreational harvest
health benefits & risks | 
buying & preparing | brands certifications | links | featured harvester