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Species Description
American shad Alosa sapidissima

Wild. Populations in some rivers are supported by hatcheries.

American shad is the largest member of the herring family, which also includes alewife and blueback herring.

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As with most other species of sea-run or anadromous fish, shad populations are much depleted from their historic levels and are the focus of river restoration efforts. The 2007 stock assessment found that stocks were at all-time lows and did not appear to be recovering. There is no commercial shad fishery in Maine, but the fish is caught by recreational and subsistence anglers.
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Regulatory Authority
Recreational fishing in state waters is governed by the Department of Marine Resources. The migratory stock is managed by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission.
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Harvest Method
Commercial fishing for American shad is prohibited in Maine.
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Recreational Harvest
Anglers may keep two shad per day using only hook and line. No minimum size.
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Health Benefits & Risks
American shad is a higher-fat, higher calorie seafood choice, but it is an excellent source of selenium and omega-3 fatty acids. Shad are not likely to be high in mercury.
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Buying & Preparing
Shad is a ‘bony’ but delicious fish. Try it baked, broiled, or smoked.
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Companies, Brands, and Labels
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Certifications & Verifications
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Read The Founding Fish by John McPhee.

Jess's Market in Rockland carries shad roe in season.
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species description | season | status | harvest method | recreational harvest
health benefits & risks | 
buying & preparing | brands certifications | links