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A line, held horizontally at the surface or at depth by regularly spaced floats. Attached to this main line at regular intervals are shorter lines with baited hooks. Longlines can be suspended near the water surface, for species such as swordfish, or on the bottom for fish such as cod. They may be shorter, such as a tub trawl (below) for halibut, or up to many miles long with thousands of hooks, such as swordfish longlines. Generally, lines are left to “soak” for a certain amount of time, until retrieved by the longlining vessel.

Tub trawl
A shorter longline with baited hooks that unravels from a crate or tub; usually used by smaller boats.

A length of line with one or more baited hooks deployed, held and retrieved by hand. Smelts are caught with handlines through the ice in winter.

Rod and reel
A line with one or more hooks deployed and retrieved with a rod and reel.