DV-17-13 Engaging partners to build an ecosystem-level understanding of Cobscook Bay and Western Passage

Gayle Zydlewski
School of Marine Sciences
University of Maine

Since 2012, Gayle Zydlewski has been leading a team of students and local partners to assess the effects of tidal power development on fish presence, behavior, and distribution, with a goal of informing decisions about the industry’s future in eastern Maine and beyond. However, many factors besides the electricity-generating device could be influencing animal individuals and populations, including the availability of prey, presence of predators, and other human activities. A broader view of the ecosystem is needed.

Through two networking meetings, researchers of the region and community members will be invited to share their knowledge of the region and then determine how efforts overlap or can be creatively combined for a current and future understanding of the aquatic ecosystems of Cobscook and Passamaquoddy Bays.

Sea Grant funds: $3,300